My name is Leo Vong and I was born in Macao in 1997. Back then, Macao was still under Portugal's colonization and therefore I hold a Portuguese Passport and have Portuguese citizenship! My childhood in Macao was nothing out of the ordinary until I was sent to the UK when I was just six years old to study English. I was living with a host family there and I remember celebrating my birthday in a bolly alley with friends I met in primary school. Those were good times I had there and most importantly, its where I began to immerse myself in the English Lifestyle.​ One year has gone by and I returned to Macao, where I was accepted at The International School of Macao (TIS in short) - an international school that follows the Canada’s Alberta Curriculum. There I studied Chinese Mandarin and continued my studies in English. (I think that this is also where I started to pick up an American accent, in part also due to a lot of youtube videos later in life too...) It was also here where I met my best friend and thanks to him I spoke a lot more English than I usually would since I speak to my family in Cantonese. As time passes, eleven year old me returned to England, and this time, I remembered the name of the town I lived in! It is an English town in the county of Suffolk called "Lowestoft". I spent the next three years in Lowestoft, attending my last year of middle school at "Foxbourgh Middle School", where I applyed to be in the French musical play for the Christmas performance show. I remembered that when the show was over, my fellow classmates had their families sitting in the audience and celebrated with them, where I had no one... does that make me an evil villian? Or Batman? HA!

Leo's Memoir

After receiving my first rejection letter from Rada, I continued looking for acting classes, training, workshops and schools. This lead me to going to many workshops from the Actor's Centre, RADA and Actor's Temple, doing Voice & Movement techniques, the Stanislavski technique, acting on screen, Meinser training, etc. (Keep this a secret will ya matey? I still have no idea what I actually learnt from those workshops. I just had a really fun time connecting with other actors and making friends.) Months flew, and I was finally accepted into the Identity School of Acting in 2017, when I was 19. It was good training and our class got the best perfomance in the under 21 showcase. Well done to us, although I didn’t have many lines/stage times in the play. Ha! But I did get good quality training and met like-minded people there. By the end of 2017, I had enough credits to be on Spotlight, the UK's best casting website. Then I started looking for agents and acting work every day. This bring us to the present day, where I am in the hunt for acting jobs every day and my goal right now is to get my breakthrough! ​Thank you very much for taking the time to read all that, and I hope you enjoy going through the rest of the website.



For the following year I started attending "The Benjamin Britten High School" for years nine and ten. I was placed into the Mercury House aka. the red house, Go GriffindorThe school I attended in Macao (TIS) followed the Alberta Curriculum, thus sadly, the exams I did in Macao didn’t apply here in England. I needed to do my GCSEs and A Levels, which would set me back at least two years. Nevertheless, I went to Bale College for a few months until one day I asked myself if this is really what I wanted. I want to do Acting, not science, why am I putting myself in all this trouble? Hell, I didn’t even know if I was going to pass. With this in mind, I left Bale college and had no where to make friends (At least not sure how back then). I decided to start volunteering and hoped to gain some experiences to put on my CV. I did a few jobs and one of the jobs was to help disabled people do sports. There, I met an Italian woman and she introduced me to parkour classes with Parkour Generation. It sufficed to say that I absolutely loved the class. I had never felt so much adrenlane pumping through my body and my body was like a wet paper towel the next few days as a result of it.​ Now that I was officially no longer in school, I wanted to get into some serious acting business. The first thing I did was looking up drama schools, and I applied for RADA (Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art), yes just RADA. I was/is a very naive, young man. In the meantime I also searched for acting work on "Mandy", the then called "The Casting Call Pro" and Stars Now.